What is a Downtown Plan?

The Mount Vernon Downtown Plan will identify a 10 to 20 year vision for the future of Downtown, and outline a strategy to achieve that vision. Comprehensive in its approach, the planning process will incorporate public input, existing conditions analysis, local expertise from a project steering committee and knowledge of best practices to help the City of Mount Vernon move Downtown forward.

What is the Plan Approach?

Opportunity Analysis

  • Review existing conditions
  • Review existing plans
  • Evaluate transportation systems (coordinate with ongoing study)
  • Conduct market evaluation

Conceptual Site Alternatives

  • Analyze site and area development potential
  • Develop future land use scenarios
  • Create site specific development concepts

Implementation Strategy

  • Refine draft plan into a final report based on public input
  • Ensure plan has clear graphics and communicates the potential of Downtown Mount Vernon to targeted audience
  • Assist as necessary with the formal adoption process
  • Develop a strategy to ensure Mount Vernon can implement the Plan

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